The Director
  • Aanchal Gupta, an MBA from Cardiff Business School, UK, and a trained & certified dancer in Latin, Ballroom, Jazz, Indian Folk, etc blended her inherent business skills and her childhood passion for dance to establish, the first ever in Mumbai city, a dance studio model, that offered training in a wide variety of dance styles under one roof.
    Arts in Motion came into being due to her strong belief that every individual's personality type defines the dance form they are drawn to and that no one should be forced to learn any dance style other than that which they absolutely desire to, simply due to a lack of choice.
  • Innovative & visionary she brought well-known teachers, dance companies & masters of respective dance styles, national and international, to use her space & her name and unleash their talent; and also offered a fair platform for those lacking the infrastructure to promote their respective dance forms.
    Belly Dance, Flamenco, Capoeira, never-taught-before styles, became household names, as Aanchal steadily moulded her studio into a serious educational institute for dance. She delved into fitness & modern day styles such as Power Yoga, Pilates, establishing Arts in Motion as an ultimate fitness destination.
  • An entrepreneur to the core, workshops in music & theatre followed suite. Rhythm Circles, African music & dance, Hafla & Latin nites, customised parties, cricket matches, Sunday gigs, health check-up camps, stand-ups, Aanchal is constantly re-inventing what started as a simple dance studio.
    She expanded space, letting trainers spread themselves over several floors & equipped spaces, making her studio Mumbai city's largest space ever devoted to the cause of promoting art; each lovingly handpicked slat, bearing silent testimony to teacher creativity & student commitment, public appreciation & owner pride.
  • In the midst of all this, Aanchal conceptualised & created what she claims she lives for. Her signature extravaganza, Dance with Joy. A show created especially for dancers & trainers to display their talent. Yet, a show that is much beyond simple commitment to dance.
    Dance with Joy is a labour of love, focussing on the under-privileged, the challenged & the diseased, untouched by the healing touch of dance. Working closely with several NGO's & soliciting support from the media, the corporates, the well-known,Aanchal has taken Dance with Joy into hospitals, slums & broken homes and brought out joy through dance.
  • She holds to her credit, an appreciation from Chief Minister, Ashok Chavan, for her humble endeavours.
    Aanchal is also recently, a graduate in Film Production from the New York Film Academy and has successfully written, directed & produced two short films, 'Once Upon a Dream' & 'For Whom The Bell Tolls..'; the latter being a young woman's journey through a broken heart, a fight against Cancer & celebration of life.
    As she continues to achieve, her efforts to offer opportunities to those around her remain unceasing.
  • Through sheer passion & dedication, she has touched the lives of many, bringing simple joys in the most special ways.