About AiM
  • Arts in Motion Dance Studio was established in 2004 to provide quality education in choreography and staging support to institutes and individuals devoted to the teaching of proper techniques of dance, posture and movement in a creative and healthy atmosphere.
    The proprietor, Aanchal Gupta, had
    long held a dream to promote dance - classical or modern, Indian or Western, all under one roof, in one institute - a studio where she could break down the elitist barriers surrounding dance, making it available to everyone, from
    an absolute beginner to an advanced professional.
  • Where a student of Jazz had the facility to enrol for a Bollywood class or a teacher of Kathak could learn to appreciate Salsa. Arts in Motion thereby became a pioneer in the concept of dance studios in Mumbai, introducing to the city several dance styles for the first time.
    Over the years, it expanded its divisions into Fitness, Music & Theatre, introducing Bollybics, Djembe classes, acting courses and more and presently stays as the only place in the city offering the largest curriculum of classes with over 20 different styles of dance, fitness, music & theatre training; making it a sought after school by students & teachers alike.

  • In addition to training, it has now broadened its spectrum to include stage & short-film productions, churning out innovative concepts and creations in these fields under the Arts in Motion Productions division.
    Besides all this, it has been working tirelessly since its inception to create awareness for the special requirements of the underprivileged, challenged & diseased thru its signature, Dance with Joy , programmes.
    And through its progressive journey, Arts in Motion will continue its strive to nurture art in all forms, make the arts easily accessible, and spread joy through these arts.